Mar 16, 2013

Bringing STEM to Light

Good news! The curriculum I was working on for the last year for Laser Classroom and its LASER Blox is now published and available.

For a limited time, Laser Classroom is running a special: the curriculum for free with the purchase of a 3 pack of LASER Blox (Pongratz Engineering was the engineering design company behind the LASER Blox, and my sister did the editing of the curriculum, so these really are from our family to yours!).

>> See the special offer   >> Read inside at Amazon (this is the most current view)

This curriculum in particular embodies a lot of what are probably considered "signature" aspects of all courses I develop in STEM (former students blog followers can confirm or contradict!):
  • practical perspective of theoretical content
  • meaningful context to apply content to, usually in non-traditional ways (e.g. connections to civics, photography)
  • historical stories to put human perspective on the content
  • key foundational experiences to make lesson accessible to all students, regardless of previous education or opportunity
This was intended to be either a supplement to existing physics curriculum on light (for those who wanted new ideas on how to address it and some practical connections to other sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics) or as ideas for after school or summer camp programs.

This joins a host of other books I helped write to encourage people to think of new ways to approach STEM >> see products page