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Be Proud, Not Arrogant — Mom

Tools of the Trade Design

GAP: Snazzy design for engineers

Engineer - tools.png

Engineers are creative. This design was inspired by the COEXIST bumper stickers. It showcases the tools of typical engineering disciplines, including civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical, and computer engineering.  Great for engineers who appreciate intricate designs and some pizzazz.

NOTE: Zazzle products can be custom configured (e.g. color, style)

Have Byte

GAP: Retro computer design and terms

CS has byte.png

Computer scientists and engineers have a lot of fun and usually a bit of attitude. This design plays on the bit/byte terminology and the 80s—a golden time for garage nerds. For those in the know, the "nibble" term is an inside joke on the whole BInary digiT world. See “for Computer and Math Pros” for Computer Science products

NOTE: Zazzle products can be custom configured (e.g. color, style)

Smart, Sexy, Tech-Savvy

GAP: Proud but not arrogant engineering t-shirts

Smart sexy big.png

There are a lot of typography t-shirts out there for engineers proudly stating how they’re smarter than everyone else. Engineers are really capable, and that can be really attractive, but no need to look down on others. This design was influenced by the latest STEM movement to use the adjective “tech-savvy.”

NOTE: Zazzle products can be custom configured (e.g. color, style such as more feminine or vintage looking tees)